It's been a great first year: promotion

creative membership creativity found community creativity found membership website Nov 21, 2022

It's hard to believe that only officially launched in January of this year (2022). So much has been happening, and this part of the Creativity Found package is now so ingrained in my everyday life, I can't image my life before it, or without it.

In my second post highlighting the best of 2022 at, find out how Creativity Found has helped promote the brilliant work of our members.

Promotion on the website

Of course I want the small businesses that join the Creativity Found membership to get as much exposure as I can give.

First of all, I design a lovely page for them at that lists what they do and where/how. I like to show lots of lovely photos and give site visitors lots of chances to connect with the membesr through links to their websites, booking sites, blogs, shops and social media accounts.

Branding is important – we're always being told that right? – so I use brand colours for headers, footers and link buttons, and any other specifications the member has. I can take the work out by mocking up a draft page using info I collate from the member's existing website, then all the member has to do is check it and send me any changes or edits. 


That member will then be added to a website page called Classes, Kits and Coaches, which is the one-stop easy-access shop for the creativity seeker looking for inspiration.

NB the orange text in this blog are links.

Features on the Home Page and in newsletters to our mailing list can happen whenever a member has something they want to promote, and I welcome blog posts to add to the site too.

Some of the members I have built gorgeous pages for so far this year include:

I love being able to share opportunities that make it easy for grown-ups to get creative, and at the same time give a helping hand to small, independent, high-quality creative facilitators

Podcast promotion

The Creativity Found podcast has over 70 episodes under its belt, and has been featured:

  • In a number of Top Ten Featured Lists on various podcast platforms
  • On Radio 4 Extra
  • In national craft magazines including Love Embroidery and Simply Sewing
  • On local radio stations including BBC Oxford and BBC Berkshire
  • In podcast-specific publications including Pod Bible and

I have new guests lined up until April, and am constantly approached by people who have a Creativity Found story to tell.

So, the podcast is going nowhere, and is a prime piece of evergreen marketing for businesses who have a creative experience service to share.

Members who have taken me up on my offer of bonus episodes include:

Their episodes stay available on all podcast apps and on the Creativity Found website forever, so you never know when someone will hear it and be inspired to connect.

Social media

I am always looking out for the events and achievements that Creativity Found members are sharing, and I share them too. 

All members are also connected that way, and love being cheerleaders for each other. Once again the collective power is so inspiring.

I also invite members to join me for Live chats on Instagram, which then also get added to the membership Resources Pack (all available online) so even people who are not social-media savvy can view them.

Members who have taken me up on this offer so far include:

I also make sure I share posts I see that are relevant to my members but that they may not have seen, so possibly putting opportunities their way – there's another blog about this topic coming up!

The Facebook group Creativity Found is another good social media space to promote and share.


Creativity Found Collective

The Creativity Found Collective is a membership for artists and crafters who share their creative skills with grown-ups through workshops, online courses, products or subscriptions. It is also a membership for business-support enterprises who use their expertise to help those artists and crafters to grow their businesses.

We promote their offerings on the website and connect them with a network of like-minded business owners. 

All of this is backed up by the Creativity Found podcast, in which I chat with grown-ups who have found or re-found their creativity later in life.

You can find out more about the Creativity Found Collective membership here.

And don't forget, you can subscribe to the mailing list here.