Mary Broddle Embroidery

Modern embroidery kits and classes with stress-relieving benefits

Mary Broddle Embroidery kit and its contents including green and black threads, needle, text instructions and an embroidery hoop
Embroidery kit contents including fabric, embroidery hoop, needle and pink and green thread
A series of hoops with contemporary floral fabric designs
The letter A is embroidered on to a plain fabric and in the letter is leaves, acorns and abstract swirls in greens and browns
Three similar designs on embroidery hoops with blue and white abstract fabric and abstract yellow, green and navy stick trees
A denim style fabric in an embroidery hoop is half finished with abstract multicoloured stitches which look like hundreds and thousands

Mindful stitching kit

The mindful action of pulling thread through fabric, without overthinking its path, aids relaxation and reduces stress. 

Mary's Mindful Stitching Kit includes all you need to start this calming, stress-relieving activity.


Sampler kits with a twist

Learn up to ten traditional embroidery stitches in a contemporary way, with Mary's fun kits.

Kits include an instructional booklet featuring QR codes to take you to video tutorials.

Start stitching from your sofa


Mary's programme of workshops is constantly being updated. Learn how a little embroidery can make you love your clothes again. All you need is the item you want to embellish, and Mary will provide the rest.

Find upcoming dates here

Bespoke courses

Embroidery is an inclusive activity that can reduce stress and build confidence. Book a tailored embroidery experience with Mary in person or online, with tools and materials supplied if needed. 

Contact Mary to discuss your needs
[email protected]

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