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Claire Waite Brown chats with people who have found or re-found their creativity as adults.

Cover of the book Motherland by Tetyana Denford which shows two silhouettes in front of mountains in the shape of a woman's head

Anna Lovind

Writing her way through trauma, not fitting in, and finding and sharing a creative path.

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Cover of the book Motherland by Tetyana Denford which shows two silhouettes in front of mountains in the shape of a woman's head

Bargello a GoGo

A bonus episode highlighting the work of one of our fabulous members and how they can help you get creative.

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A photo portrait of Juliet Sargeant smiling sat between ivy bushes

Anna Lussenburg

The story of the Canadian super nanny who uses her observational skills to write humorous satirical allegories.

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Cover of the book Motherland by Tetyana Denford which shows two silhouettes in front of mountains in the shape of a woman's head

Another great guest

With an interesting story of their return to creativity.

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A photo portrait of Juliet Sargeant smiling sat between ivy bushes

Juliet Sargeant

From practising medicine to designing gardens for Chelsea and Blue Peter.

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Cover of the book Motherland by Tetyana Denford which shows two silhouettes in front of mountains in the shape of a woman's head

Tetyana Denford

A Ukrainian-American author finds inspiration in a family secret.

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Three copies of the same print hang on a line in a studio, the print shows a dusky, barren landscape

Laura Boswell

A chance return to printmaking and training in Japanese woodblock.

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A photo of Emma Brassfield touching up the costume for Chewbacca from Star Wars

Emma Brassfield

Creature costume maker for film and TV, and YouTube sewing star.

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The cover of a book called Sparrowlegs which has two long white and pink striped birds style legs and the text of the title, author and illustrator

Anupa Roper

Using words to champion positive body image in youngsters.

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A close up of polymer swirls in multi colours

Sam Kimberle

Returning to a childhood love – polymer clay and fine art

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Individual paper flowers in single vases from poppies, carnations and tulips

Laura Reed

Paper flower artist who even did the flowers for her own wedding.

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Cover of Waiting for the Night Song shows a purple dusky sunset or rise on a body of water

Julie Carrick Dalton

From puppet shows, to pre-med, journalism, farmer and author, with a sprinkling of blueberries.

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Two surfboards with bright paint - one with an orange octopus and one with purple turtles

Leanne Tibiatowski

Ocean recovery and painting surfboards.

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An image of a craft box club box surrounded by its contents - ribbon, paintbrush, wheat, scissors

Adam Roe

Creator and designer of eco-friendly Craft Box Club subscriptions.

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A photo portrait of Rabiah Coon live on stage smiling with a microphone in her hand

Rabiah Coon

'I will do a stand-up show before I'm 40'.

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A little model bride wearing a white floral embossed wedding dress and holding a single flower

Lynsey Warren

A magical journey from council tax inspector to crafter and champion of handmade businesses.

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A photo portrait of Amber Leach who stands smiling in a bush holding her camera

Amber Leach

Falling out of, and back in love with her photography business.

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A hand holds two books by Kat Arksey - When Harry Stayed Home and Clap for Kids

Kat Arksey

Refinding a confidence for creative writing.

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A red fascinator with a large red rose and mesh surrounding it

Susan Widlake

How do you get from IT auditing to making hats?

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A photo portrait of Eve Horne sat looking out of a window with headphones round her neck, her studio behind her

Eve Horne

Girl bands and driving trains to music producer and campaigner.

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A yellow blanket on grass with two cushions - one orange and one with feathers - and the book The Art of Creativity

Claire Waite Brown

Creative reading and listening suggestions.

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Layered images of Lauren's illustrations including colour palettes, photos, font work and tree drawings

Lauren Deakin

Ways to a creative career in design and illustration.

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An image with timelapse effect of Muslim men and women in a mosque

Jonathan Self

Photography, travel and Cultivating Wonder.

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Four abstract horizontal blocks of colour from the top - black, cream, light blue and dark grey

Lou Hamilton

Rediscovering pencil and paintbrush.

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Two women sit on a grey sofa looking down at a camera the woman on the left is holding, the woman on the right holds a Collie dog

Use your Camera

With The Motherhood.

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A photo portrait of Maxyne Ryan who stands with her head turned towards the camera

Maxyne Ryan

Mature student at Guildhall School of Music.

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A hand reaches across a loom which holds turquoise and orange wool

Learn to Weave

With Cass Sabo.

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A painterly abstract piece with circles and semi circles in a variety of ocean colours

Furrah Syed

Abstract acrylic paintings you can touch.

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A photo portrait of Mark Deeks smiling and facing the camera with his arms rested on a piano behind him

Mark Deeks

Playing piano your way.

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A realistic painting of a male lion, with abstract colours in his mane in grey, pink and blue

Louise Luton

Teacher to wildlife artist.

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Two hands hold a mug and superimposed in the top of it is a photo of waves crashing

Jon Bond

Double-exposure photography and mental health.

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A photo portrait of Jane Beinart smiling and facing the camera wearing a blue apron and surrounded by art supplies

Jane Beinart

Art from the inside.

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A piece of paper with handwriting including a small mind map and other questions and notes

Cecilia Poullain

Gestalt therapy to writing and performing solos shows.

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An energetic illustration of a robot holding a huge rock above his head surrounded by flames/fire

Andrew Wildman

Illustrating for Marvel to storyboarding for TV.

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Ceramic vase in Greek style, with contemporary and abstract birds

Peter White Part 1

From engineering to ceramics, to TV show finalist.

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A photo portrait of Peter White and two other contestants from the Great Pottery Throw Down

Peter White Part 2

Peter's time on TV show The Great Pottery Throw Down.

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A photo portrait of Tara L Lacey smiling but looking off camera

Tara L Lacey

From studying law to returning to acting.

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A photo of a metal staircase

Adriana Saldivar

Exploring and photographing abandoned buildings.

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Book cover for The Behemoth by Debrah Martin with a female face half covering her face with her hand

Debrah Martin

Writing novels and helping others write their stories.

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Lines of thread in different colours laid horizontally to create the illusion of a landscape

Lesley Wildman

On NOT going to art college – first time around.

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A photo portrait of Richard Nicoll live on stage holding a guitar in front of a microphone

Richard Nicoll

Forming punk bands and new writing songs.

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Dark red paint set in a resin block

Morven Shortt

Becoming a mature fine-art degree student.

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A photo portrait of Philippa James sat on a chair smiling and facing the camera

Philippa James

Making photography a career and artistic outlet.

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A black and white pencil drawing of a sad looking Dalmation

Rob Ballentine

A surprising new venture drawing pet portraits.

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A dramatic sky above a landscape of fields, a road and a tree

Karen Joy

Painting acrylic landscapes and  abstracts.

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A photo portrait of Cassandra Sabo who stands at a table working on a pale blue loom

Cassandra Sabo

World traveller and weaver.

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A stylistic linocut print of wild flowers amongst a bed of grass

Gerry Coles

Linocut printing – an unpromising start, but perseverance pays off.

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A photo realistic portrait of a little girl lying on white sheets, in a white dress with her hands over her eyes

Tereza Barnard

From psychology and interior design to painting realist portraits with oils.

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