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Amy Harwood

Sharing the wonderful world of illustration to curious creatives of all levels

Two hand painted tabby cats on a white paper, sat on a Daler Rowney board

Workshops and home tutorials in an illustrative style

Amy Harwood is an illustrator known for her bright and playful designs. In her workshops and home tutorials she encourages you to nurture your creativity and curiosity to find your personal artistic style – there's no right or wrong here, and Amy always encourages you to interpret the brief however you like!

  • Find online classes, in-person workshops in the Southampton area, and downloadable do-at-home tutorials. 
  • Experiment with pencil, ink, gouache and watercolour.
  • Learn techniques for painting pet portraits or botanical letters, sketching flowers in the wild or creating animal characters from photographic reference.  
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A paintbrush reaches out on to the back of a rabbit drawing

A downloadable art experience

Learn illustration skills and enjoy a creative activity in your own time with Amy's downloadable art classes. Digital kits contain:

  • A written tutorial supported by reference photographs and illustrations.
  • Links to an inspiration board and ideas for further exploration.
  • Tips on techniques, dependent on the project, such as shading to create texture, sketching from observation and working with negative space and compositition. 
Find foxes and ducklings, and more projects here

Bespoke workshops

Creative workshops brought to you, to make that virtual or in-real-life party truly memorable, or to bring creativity and wellbeing to the workplace. Amy has a range of themes and bespoke packages to bring creativity to your gathering. 

  • Mindful practise and fun of trying something new all rolled into one.
  • Sessions to fit around your event schedule.
  • Choose from a selection of themes and packages.

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