A photo portrait of Rabiah Coon performing standup, the photo is black and white, she wears a checked shirt and is holding a microphone, smiling and looking to her right

Rabiah Coon

Stand-up comedian, writer and podcast host.

A photo portrait of Rabiah Coon performing standup, she wears a checked shirt and is holding a microphone, smiling and looking to her right


A few years ago Rabiah Coon told herself that she would do comedy by the time she was 40. The year she turned 40, she took the stage with a month to spare. 

Since then, Rabiah has done over 200 gigs, virtually and in-person in Portland, San Diego, London and other cities.

If comedy is your creative inspiration, Rabiah already has lots of gigs lined up for 2023.

Find dates and see Rabiah in action here

Rabiah Said blog

Rabiah does a lot of writing for her comedy and her podcast, but neither of these satisfy the part of her that wants to write more prose. So she does that periodically with her blog.

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More Than Work podcast

More than Work is a weekly podcast that shares stories of individuals who have found that their self-worth is determined by more than their job title, whether they are pursuing their passions outside of work or finding ways to create opportunities to do work that reflects their values. The lesson: life is More Than Work.

Here's a clip of when I was on the podcast, but you'll have to listen to the show if you want to hear the rest of my story!

Find all the episodes here

Get in touch

Rabiah is happy to talk to people about how they can start out in comedy, and assist with editing or writing a piece for publication.
If your story would fit with the More Than Work podcast, she is always looking for great guests too.

Use the links above to direct-message Rabiah on any of her social media accounts.

Claire Waite Brown chats with Rabiah Coon
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A photo portrait of Rabiah Coon, she is smiling and looking off camera to her right

Rabiah the organised comedian

Rabiah enjoyed writing as a child, and took some courses at college, but was scared to consider it as a career choice. Rabiah is a curious person who likes to explore new things, which is how her career progressed from serving fries to operational management and working in IT. Find out how comedy came into play before Rabiah was 40.


Rabiah joined me in the Shure studio at the first ever Podcast Show in London to talk about the creativity we have found in podcasting.

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