Paula Duncan Bespoke Kilt Making

Learn the craft of traditional, heritage kilt making.

Abstract tartan pattern in grey on a dark blue background, below the words Paula Duncan Bespoke Kilt Making in capital letters
A blue and green tartan kilt with the inside panel with a Japanese inspired print
An orange, yellow and green tartan kilt, the inside panel with a Pacman design
A red, blue, yellow, orange and green kilt, the photo taken showing off the pleats of the skirt

Paula Duncan has been training the next generation of kilt makers for many years and offers online and studio courses. Enjoy Paula's relaxed teaching methods as she shares her expertise, knowledge and secrets of kilt making with you.

Stitch the Basics digital course

To find out whether kilt making is the right course for you, and to familiarise yourself with the stitches and techniques used to make kilts, you can buy Paula's Stitch the Basics digital course and complete it at your own pace from home.

The course covers needle positions for right- and left-handed students, with video demonstrations for each stitch. 

Start to Stitch the Basics here
A close up of a blue, green, red and orange kilt, showcasing the lining

Online kilt-making course

Featuring video training and weekly online calls, this 12-week course will guide you through each stage of the making process, with the added bonus of six months' access to the videos. 

  • Personal videos for your chosen tartan detailing pleat sizes and pleating designs to sew your kilt to stripe or block.
  • Learn where each stitch goes and how to place your canvas, to get the best results for shaping your kilt to perfection.

Studio kilt-making classes

These will be up and running again soon, once Paula has her new studio ready for action.

Find your next class here
Two hands hold a piece of tartan fabric over the main section of the kilt which has thread and needle markings.

Let Paula tell you all about it

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