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Hi, I’m Claire . . .

. . . here to inspire and encourage creativity in any body of any age.

Portrait of Claire Waite Brown who smiles in front of green tropical wallpaper by Osborne and Little

In 2016, while suffering with anxiety, and as a way of focusing my attentions, I founded Open Stage Arts, fun drama and singing classes for adults who don’t want to commit to putting on an actual show. No experience necessary.

Lots of the adults who come to our workshops are looking for a creativity that has been put to one side during their sensible, grown-up years.

I have found this to be a common experience among other creatives too, so I started the Creativity Found podcast, in which I chat with painters, crafters, photographers, writers, printmakers, actors, musicians, teachers, and more, who have found, or re-found, their creativity as adults.

Now I want listeners, and others, to know that they can try something new and creative at any stage in their lives – and not to worry that they might make a mess of it!

Which is why I have started the Creativity Found directory, a place where adults can go to: 

  • Be inspired by the stories of my guests on the podcast.
  • Find workshops, courses and online events that let them try or re-try a range of creative activities.
  • Access kits, books and materials to help them to get creative at home. 
  • Find exhibitions and events to fuel their imagination. 
Photo portrait of Claire Waite Brown of Creativity Found, talking and gesturing with her arms in front of a computer

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Podcast Radio Hour on BBC Radio 4 Extra

In an episode hosted by Shaun Keaveny and featuring Russell Tovey and Robert Diament of the Talk Art podcast, Claire waxes lyrical about the Creativity Found podcast.

Listen here
Claire talks about winning an International Women's Podcast Award

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