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Creative workshops that focus the mind and positively impact wellbeing.


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Craft and chat

An inclusive, friendly space for both seasoned crafters and those looking for a new creative outlet.

Craft and create in good company, whether you have a project on the go or are looking for inspiration.

  • Bring a project from home to work on.
  • Start something new with craft supplies provided by Creatful.
  • All welcome.

Locations in Waterlooville, Havant and Denmead 

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Upcoming events

Learn new skills and meet like-minded people at Creatful's focussed workshops.

Materials and tools are provided and you take home anything you make.

  • Card making – 5th May
  • More mandala and dot painting – 12th May
  • Needle felting – 19th May
  • Nature crafting – 21st May
  • Jubilee family celebration – 1st June 
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Creatful believes in the power of creativity for wellbeing. Along with bringing people together to connect and share creative skills, Creatful provides signposting to mental health support and modern, creative therapeutic exercises at all of their events.

You can also access some of these resources in the highlights on their Instagram profile. 

Click below to access a free worksheet from Creatful to help you explore your safe space.

Safe space worksheet


Nancy Fellows

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