It's been a great first year: opportunities and discounts

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It's hard to believe that only officially launched in January of this year (2022). So much has been happening, and this part of the Creativity Found package is now so ingrained in my everyday life, I can't image my life before it, or without it.

In this post highlighting the best of 2022 at, I'll be revisiting some of the opportunities and discounts I have been able to share with Creativity Found members. 


I get so excited when I can share opportunities with my members that they may not have had ordinarily.

  • This year I was able to take two Create a Scene members – Gerry Coles of Gerry Coles Prints and Debbie Page of Debbie Page Ceramics – to a photography studio to have headshots taken completely free of charge – with thanks to Fisher Studios. Both members were really happy with the results and use their shots regularly.

  • I heard it on the grapevine that a company that hosts fun creative workshops was looking for new freelance teachers, and am pleased to say that Create a Scene member Mary Broddle is now on their books. 
  • Members Natalie and Nancy, of Bargello a GoGo and Creatful, saw their own opportunity when they met at a Creativity Found online event, and have since gone on to collaborate on TWO workshops. 


One obvious barrier to starting a creative activity is cost – and especially in today's climate.

At Creativity Found I want to do whatever I can to alleviate this pressure and help members to enjoy other people’s creative endeavours and their own in as inexpensive a way as possible.

As you know, at Creativity Found I have carefully curated a fabulous group of creative small businesses, who are so keen for you to not have financial barriers in your way, they regularly give fellow members discounts on some of their offerings.

Right now when you join you can find:

  • A discount on a six-module self-study crochet course from Crafty Kilner, which will teach you how to crochet from scratch, and how to make five complete projects.
  • A discount on your first subscription craft kit from Cosy Craft Club.
  • Money off any in-person crafting event run by Creatful.
  • A great discount on a workshop with systemic change consultant Silvia Siret, to help you get to the root cause of any bad habits, illnesses, relationship issues, and more.

But it’s not just offers from our Create a Scene members I can share with you. Oh no, there’s more.

After all, if you can save money in life in general, you can free up some to spend, guilt free, on your creative pursuits.

Right now members can find ways to save on:

  • Just about anything, with a money-saving app that I have tested for you, and can help you save locally and nationally.
  • Tickets for nationwide craft events. I regularly update the Members’ Chat Group with discount codes for events from Creative Craft Shows, Craft in Focus, National Trust and others.
  • 10% off a subscription to FreeAgent accounting software.
  • A free trial of Kajabi website and course-creation software.
  • $20 off your first month with Buzzsprout if you are launching a podcast.
  • Learning how to manage your daily spending with Sarah McCalden’s Money School 30-Day Money Challenge. Not only will this challenge teach you how to manage your money, but you can also save money on the cost of the challenge itself.
  • Money off at the fabulous, independent, online and bricks-and-mortar clothing store Rainbow and Spoon, whose ethos that 'Life is too short to wear boring clothes' is too good to miss. 

Last month alone two members bagged themselves a National Trust Family Pass for one visit, absolutely free of charge, while others purchased a National Art Pass – which saves you money on entry to museums, galleries and exhibitions across the UK – for half price.

If you can take advantage of opportunities and money-saving discounts like these, come join us

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For the final post in this series of self-congratulatory blog posts 😂 I'll be looking at the 2022 highlights for the Creativity Found podcast.


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We promote their offerings on the website and connect them with a network of like-minded business owners. 

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