Brown hues in a linocut print of a rooster by Gerry Coles

Gerry Coles

Linocut  printmaking workshops


A colourful print of poppies in a field by Gerry Coles

Linocut workshops

Enjoy a relaxed, fun and friendly afternoon learning the basics of linocut. Use of all tools, paper, inks and other materials are covered in the course fee.
No previous experience necessary. South Oxfordshire location.

  • Using the tools and mark-making
  • Selecting an image
  • Different types of lino and paper 
  • Transferring the image to lino
  • Carving tips
  • Inking using water-based inks
  • Printing by hand
  • Ways of adding additional colour and interest to your design
A roller with purple ink sits on an inked linocut ready for printing in a workshop by Gerry Coles

Introduction to linocut

At Gerry's studio in Stoke Talmage, OX9 7ES

One-to-one and two-to-one dates also available to book 


Gerry Coles
[email protected]

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Printing with linocuts, a not-very promising start, but perseverance pays off

Oxfordshire-based printmaker Gerry Coles didn't have the best start to her linocut experience, but with perseverance, she discovered an art form she was passionate about, and good at!

Discover how Gerry, a creative youngster, trod a different path after school, but discovered the artistic practice she now loves on a visit to Bath.

I attend one of Gerry's workshops

When Gerry invited me to one of her printmaking workshops my initial reaction was that there was no way I would go because I would be rubbish.
Regular listeners will have heard me saying that that should not be a reason for not trying a new creative activity, so of course I told myself off, and told Gerry I'd love to go. Find out how I got on, and hear from a few of the other students about their attitudes to getting creative in adulthood.

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