Debbie Page Ceramics logo is an abstract line drawing of a pot on a blue and yellow background

Debbie Page Ceramics

Hand building pottery techniques


A smiling photo portrait of Debbie Page who looks over her glasses at the camera, wearing a purple apron

Moon jars and more

Join Debbie for day workshops in making moon jars, teapots or porcelain floral dishes

Techniques you'll learn could include

  • Pinching 
  • Coiling
  • Slab building
  • Using moulds
  • Using templates
  • Joining and blending sections of clay
  • Using texture
  • Using oxide inks
  • Applying underglazes
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A moon jar - large ceramic bulbous vase - with abstract paint colours brown, blue and white

A passion for pottery 

Debbie is a practising potter with many years of experience teaching adults from beginners and onwards. Her work is inspired by the ceramics of Korea and Japan – strong simple forms with lively glazes and different firing methods.

Debbie is especially keen to pass on her enthusiasm for pottery and ceramics, and show people that with simple techniques they can make something they can be proud of. She believes creativity to be essential for the human soul and that everyone is capable of being creative.

See Debbie's work here

Join Debbie at Micklems Farm in Reading

To make moon jars or teapots

Find out more here

Join Debbie at Ardington School of Craft in Wantage

To make moon jars or porcelain floral dishes and leaves 

Find out more here
Two images side by side of jars Debbie has made. To the left, three similar moon jars in abstract blue, brown and light pink. To the right, a carved jar which has deep indentations and is glazed in a red, brown and black colour

Out and about

You'll find Debbie and her moon jars at these upcoming events. Don't forget to say 'hello' and tell her that you heard all about her at Creativity Found.

  • Henley Arts Trail, RG4 9BB, 30th April to 2nd May
  • Oxfordshire Artweeks, 7th to 28th May
  • Oxfordshire Arts, 14th to 22nd May
  • West Ox Arts Gallery, OX18 2JH, 21st to 29th May

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