The Journal Vibe

Let Claire help you ditch the self-doubt and procrastination through journalling, so you become your own inner therapist, coach and cheerleader. 

More than a diary

Learn to use journalling to create a private space to be completely honest with yourself, and reap the benefits in your personal or business life.

  • Learn to express yourself, openly and honestly.
  • Process thoughts and feelings around a particular situation, acknowledge them, release them and more forward
  • Keep a record of your progress towards goals and boost motivation.
  • Remind yourself of everything you have in your life to be grateful for
  • Be more productive on a daily basis
  •  . . . and more
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30 Days of Journalling

Whether you are new to journalling, a dabbler or a journaller extraordinaire, sometimes we need a little inspiration to get the thoughts flowing.

With this in mind, Claire has a developed 30 Days of Journalling prompts, designed for you to use in your own time, in your own way and to get you thinking!

Every day for 30 days you will receive by email: 

  • At least one journal prompt
  • An affirmation 
  • A motivational, thought-provoking quotation 
  • Claire's journalling tips
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How can The Journal Vibe help me?

Group workshops

In a group setting – either online or in-person – you will use Claire's guided journal prompts for private reflection, discussion, and in some cases group activities, so you can really get deep into the topic, learning more about yourself in the process.

Coming up

Letter to Your Inner Critic
18 November 10-11.30am, online

Journalling for Business Brilliance
24 November 9.30–11am, online

Journalling is private, so there is no pressure to share any of your writing, and if it's an online workshop you can turn your camera off if you feel more comfortable.

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Work one-to-one

In a one-to-one session with Claire the aim is to work through confusion and find a clarity about yourself and where you want to be.

After a session you will receive personalised journal prompts tailored to your session, which will allow you to deepen the self-learning and explore how you will get things done, in your own time and space.

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Find Your Vibe Business Club

The Find Your Vibe Business Club will help keep you focused on a positive and consistent journal routine, regularly reviewing your business, mindset and progress to keep you on the path to success!

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