The story behind the Creativity Found Collective

Mar 28, 2023

Rising costs are affecting us all

Where people choose to spend their money right now is even more considered than in previous years, and spending money to try a creative workshop or kit is not at the top of people’s agendas.

Creativity Found podcast guests often talk about how their creative pursuits took a seat waaaaay at the back of the bus when everyday life made demands in more prominent places.

Do you have creative skills that you share with other adults through workshops, courses or kits? If so:

  • Perhaps you have noticed a downturn in sales of your offerings, or at least not as much growth as you would have liked.
  • You need to think carefully about where and how much money to spend to help generate more business.
  • Do you want to outsource some of the work but don’t have a huge budget and don’t know where to start looking for help?
  • Would you like to hear what other small businesses in the same boat as you have tried?

In 2022, the team behind the award-winning Creativity Found podcast – OK, that’s just me! – built a directory of creative-activity businesses to complement the show – which interviews people who have found or re-found their creativity as adults.

I wanted listeners who were inspired by my guests’ stories to have a place to go to find a creative activity to try for themselves. This might be an in-person workshop, an online get-together, an in-your-own-time course, or an everything’s-included kit.

I also wanted to really help the small businesses supplying these offerings, so I came up with an all-singing-all-dancing membership package.

Fast-forward to 2023 and I have learnt so much, including which elements of the membership package that existing members use, and which are simply wasted.

This might sound like a negative discovery but, au contraire. This is an informative discovery, and right now it is guiding me as I simplify and streamline those memberships, an action that is also going to drastically reduce costs.

In April 2023 I will be launching the Creativity Found Collective, a membership for creative-activity businesses AND other sole traders or businesses that can help them to spend less time on the admin and more time sharing their creative skills. 

Streamlining and saving money

As a small creative-activity business – hosting workshops, selling courses, supplies or kits – you need to think carefully about where and how much money to spend to promote your offerings.

Which is why I have had a good look at the memberships I offer at, because if I simplify the memberships, I can reduce the cost.

I’ve found that I can keep the aspects of the memberships that help small businesses the most, and by letting go of the elements that members have not engaged with as much, I can streamline the offerings and pass the financial savings on to you.

In April I will be launching the new, simplified, single Creativity Found Collective membership for creative-activity businesses and other small businesses that support creative businesses – such as VAs, social-media experts, brand photographers, accountants and business coaches.

The new membership will give each member their own page at and the accompanying mailing-list and social-media boosts that come with that, with the backing of the Creativity Found podcast, a show in the top 5% of all podcasts that focuses purely on encouraging adults to try new creative activities.

The all-important online get-togethers will also stay, since I am a firm believer in making real connections with real people in order to grow in business, mindset, emotional wellbeing and more.

By concentrating on making the most of what existing members like the best about their membership, I have been able to dramatically reduce the cost of new memberships.

Creativity Found Collective

The Creativity Found Collective is a membership for artists and crafters who share their creative skills with grown-ups through workshops, online courses, products or subscriptions. It is also a membership for business-support enterprises who use their expertise to help those artists and crafters to grow their businesses.

We promote their offerings on the website and connect them with a network of like-minded business owners. 

All of this is backed up by the Creativity Found podcast, in which I chat with grown-ups who have found or re-found their creativity later in life.

You can find out more about the Creativity Found Collective membership here.

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