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marketing tips scheduling social media social media marketing Dec 04, 2023

I am often complimented on my social-media presence, that I am good and consistent at posting and that I must spend a lot of time on this.

While I do spend some time, of course, I also take advantage of how social-media management tools can help me to save time and organize my posting schedule to meet particular time-specific events, such as the release of a new podcast episode every fortnight.

By using a social media scheduling platform I can:

  • Plan multiple posts at one time but spread them out for release (hence ‘schedule’), so I could be working right now on posts that you won’t see until next week, next month, or beyond.
  • Create and adapt posts for various social-media platforms in one go. I can write a caption for a pic on Instagram, with tags and hashtags, then simply tweak the text, and image size if necessary, for the same post for Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin, TikTok and X.
  • Visualize how the posts will look on each platform and arrange them accordingly. This is particularly useful for my Instagram process, since I like my posts to work in groups of three, so the overall grid looks vaguely planned and cohesive.

 A great example of how all of this is useful to me is when a new episode of the Creativity Found podcast is released – always on a Monday. I schedule an Instagram post about the guest for the Sunday, the video soundbite for the Monday, and another post about the guest on the Tuesday. I do all of this in one sitting, repurposing some of the text that is already included in the episode’s show notes.

Some of these posts will also go to the other platforms, as I mentioned earlier with small text changes and image size adjustments, all of which I can do easily within my scheduler.



I have been using Later to manage my social media output since 2020, and it has not only saved me time, but also taken away the confusion I used to have regarding what I had posted where, and what I should be posting next.

I am sure it is the same with other schedulers, but I can log into Later and have a visual representation of what I’ve posted where and when, and what I have planned for the future.



Later also shows you your Best Times to Post for Instagram, has a hashtag suggestion feature, can copy captions, gives you guidance on pic sizes for the different platforms, allows you to schedule Stories and Reels and has its own Linkinbio feature for Instagram, including buttons and links for individual posts.

It is a very visual system that means you can easily see the media you have uploaded and used, or not used, and has a Preview feature that let’s you see how your Instagram grid will look with all of your future posts in place.

If you want to see how Later can help you, click here, and if you have any questions drop me a line.

On Friday 19th January 2024, 1pm UK, members of the Creativity Found Collective will be meeting online with their social media questions for the hive mind, and I will be demonstrating how easy it is to use Later.

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Please note that the above Later link is affiliated, and if you choose to sign up to a paid plan you will also be financially supporting the Creativity Found podcast, thank you.



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