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business growth business tips positive mindset reviews small business Feb 01, 2023

Why the small businesses you love need you to tell others

Leave reviews

The final part of the customer journey is a vital pre-buying step when it comes to gaining customers, as detailed in this slide from James Cooper, CEO of Convoboss, who's talk I attended on a Saturday in January at the fabulous Startup Show organised by Enterprise Nation.

The good intentions you may have of leaving a review for a great service or product you've received can quickly fade, and so it doesn't get done.

BUT, as this slide shows, reviews are VITAL for small businesses who want to show potential new customers that:

  • What they do is great
  • They can be trusted
  • Other customers love them
  • You won't be disappointed
  • You can rely on them
  • You don't need to go to a better established big name
  • . . . etc.

So please act quickly when you feel a business deserves a good review. Just a few positive words from you can have a huge impact on the business you are reviewing.

Don't be shy. How to make the most of good reviews

Share your reviews

It is not just a vanity, but reading reviews from happy customers is a very important step on the decision-making journey of a potential customer.


So, if you have been given good reviews, why on earth would you hide them?

Share them everywhere:

  • On your website
  • On social media
  • In your newsletters
  • On your podcast (I haven’t done this yet, I should!)
  • In your networking groups
  • On your advertising
  • On your booking sites
  • On your sales sites
  • Repeatedly – re-post previous ones, they are constantly valid
  •  . . . I could go on!

AND, if you have left a good review for someone else, share that too.

AND, if you see a new review for a business you know, like and trust, share that.

Here are a couple of the most recent reviews I've seen for Create a Scene members Martha Kilner . . .

. . . and Gillian Park

Don't they just make you want to find out more?

If you need help with promoting yourself and your small creative activity business, I'd love to help.

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