Therapeutic Art by Jaycee

Creative art kits and workshops to get you started on a journey of self-discovery.

Art experiences delivered to your door

Enter a space of art, expression and healing with a kit and/or workshop using various mediums, materials and surfaces, curated by Jaycee to help you relax and create, and let your imagination flow freely. 

Examples of kits currently available in Jaycee's shop include:

  • Create an art journal
  • Vintage jewellery box upcycling
  • Mini canvas art kit
  • Make your own earrings with a sustainable twist

Kits contain tools and materials, with some featuring the option of an online workshop. 

Find kits and more here

What is therapeutic art?

Jaycee uses art on a daily basis to help her cope with her own depression and anxiety, and has found it to be especially empowering on her healing journey.

'It has given me a safe space in which to explore my feelings and channel my energy into something positive.'

Therapeutic art is not about producing a masterpiece, but about expressing yourself freely, connecting with your emotions, releasing tension and finding new perspectives on life.

Each of Jaycee's kits will help you to tap into this powerful tool to boost wellbeing and happiness.

Jaycee is a therapeutic art life coach certified by Transformation Academy.

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