What IS Bargello embroidery?

bargello bargello a gogo embroidery May 09, 2022
Two Bargello embroidery patterns by Bargello a GoGo at Creativity Found

In this guest blog, Natalie Smart of Bargello a GoGo gives a useful introduction to this style of stitchwork, and its history.

Bargello Embroidery consists of a simple straight stitch, normally worked upright or parallel to the threads of the canvas and usually worked over the same number of squares on a piece of canvas.

The stitches are worked in a variety of colours and geometric designs to create a bold, striking look.

This type of embroidery was especially popular in the 1960s and 70s, because it really resonated with the fashion styles of the time and made great homeware and fashion accessories.

The name Bargello seems to have been linked to a certain type of pattern, which is on a set of antique chairs located in a museum in Florence. The museum building was previously a prison known as 'The Bargello' before being transformed into the museum in the mid-1800s. 

There are various stitch arrangements in Bargello embroidery, with their own names – such as Hungarian, Flame, Florentine, and many more.

It's still not quite clear why the term Bargello was used for the embroidery but overall, Bargello was used a lot in various publications throughout the 60s and 70s, and nowadays it is the general term used for this style of embroidery since it appears to cover all the sub-names mentioned above.

Thanks so much Natalie.

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