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Lou Hamilton's book Brave New Girl

I have recently been updating the Products page of the website, and am very happy to have partnered with, the online bookshop you can go to for the convenience of buying books online while also supporting local and independent bookshops.⁠ Check out their About page to find out how it works.⁠

As well as some good arts, crafts and creativity books – some written or edited by me! – I am also using this site, and the Products page here at, to showcase books written by podcast guests and directory members. Here's some you might like to look at as gifts.

NB, not all the books listed are available at

When Harry Stayed Home and Clap for Kids by Kat Arksey
At uni, studying sociology, Kat Arksey visited poetry reading club nights. She was writing her own poetry, but kept her creations to herself, not feeling confident enough to share her works.
Kat has now self-published these two books of beautiful poetic writings for children, looking at the pandemic and the lockdowns from the child's perspective. 
Click the links above to buy these books for a special young person in your life, and find out what gave Kat the confidence to start writing again as an adult, and allow her work to be seen, by listening to S3 Ep3.

Brave New Girl and Fear Less by Lou Hamilton

In her episode of the podcast, Lou Hamilton explains how her little drawn character, Brave New Girl, just flowed out of her one day, after a long period of time when Lou had done no drawing or painting. In this lovely little bookBrave New Girl is just waiting to get out and with every drawing and thoughtful saying, each page is an invitation to pause, reflect, smile and take actions.

For this book, Lou draws on her own experiences, scientific studies of creativity and happiness, and conversations with successful artists and business owners to help you develop your own self-care practice and feel happier, less fearful and more excited about exploring your full potential. 
Click the links above to buy these books and give the gift of inspiration, and find out how Lou returned to her creativity as an adult by listening to S2 Ep9.

Sparrowlegs by Anupa Roper

Anupa is a guest I have recorded with, so her episode will be out in 2022, and this is her first children's book, all about a sparrow who embraces her amazing body, and thinks everyone else should too.
Anupa allowed her label of ‘skinny’ to hold her back for so long. Now she wants to empower the young by helping them to feel happy in their own skin. 

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