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Arts and crafts kits and books to help you get creative from the comfort of your own home


Creative kits

Quality make-it-at-home kits for all your arts and craft needs.

A felting kit (sloth design) from Crafty You Crafty Me

Felting, mosaic and sewing kits.

Crafty You Crafty Me

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A sunflower painting kit from Suze Lake Designs

Painting and craft kits. 

Suze Lake Designs

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Bargello embroidery kits.

Bargello a GoGo

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Leather craft DIY kits.

Hands of Tym

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Eco-friendly monthly craft kits.

Craft Box Club

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Introduction to weaving kits.

The Oxford Weaving Studio

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Make your own fairy doll. 

Raindrop Crafts

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Books by our guests

A novel about friendships forged in childhood magic and ruptured by the high price of secrets.

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Over 100 drawings to help girls and women feel that anything is possible. 

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A unique guide to taking control of your imagination, confronting your fears and finding your true purpose.

Learn to fear less

A guide to storytelling and podcast guesting for your business and brand.

Get ready to share

A practical guide to the woodblock process from design drawing to finished print. 

Start carving

A tale of positive body image for children.

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An informative but fun story of how two same sex parents have a baby.

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A charming and touchingly simple story about the COVID-19 lockdown written from a child's perspective.

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Books to fuel your creativity

Covering everything from how to draw and paint to ceramics, sculptures and printmaking.

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One of a series of great, practical journals to help you nurture and explore your creativity.

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Snapshots of unusual and noteworthy art events from around the world and throughout history.

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Ten things nobody told you about being creative. Other titles of interest, Show your Work and Keep Going.

Find this and more books by Austin Kleon here

Connect your observations and emotions and transform your creative practice.

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Your guide to the process of artistic discovery.

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A practical guide to earning a living by making art.

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Hugely popular programme of techniques to demystify the creative process.

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A practical programme to help you harness your full creative potential.

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Rules, prompts, exercises, and tips to help you break through creative blocks.

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Advice on how to get your inventive juices flowing.

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Books: papercrafts

Learn to create bold, modern paper flowers from an award-winning designer maker.

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A complete guide to papercrafting techniques.

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Don't just fold and look at your origami work - wear it!

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20 stunning quilling projects to make and display. 

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Books: printmaking

This beautiful book reveals the astonishing creative possibilities of the linocut printmaking technique. 

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A practical guide to the woodblock process from design drawing to finished print. 

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Covering techniques such as monoprinting, wood engraving and etching to intaglio printing, and more. 

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Books: painting

A joy-focused approach to watercolour techniques.

Find watercolour joy

The beautiful pages of this journal invite you to pick up your brush and grow.

Start journalling

Use watercolours and inks to recreate fabulous plant art.

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Discover the unique joys of pastel painting with this easy-to-use guide.

Practise with pastels

Packed with advice on every aspect of acrylics – from designing a painting to choosing the right technique.

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The complete manual for acrylic painting with over 100 step-by-step demonstrations.

Acrylics advice

Learn how to use this versatile painting medium.

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Ideal for artists of all skill levels, this reference covers a multitude of topics.

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