Tried and tested digital resources: website, mailing list, events, memberships, surveys, all in one package

Feb 08, 2023

In the digital Resources pack that every Creativity Found Collective member at has access to, there is a collection of posts all about the apps and websites that I, and Creativity Found members, use and recommend.

Members can chat with me at any time about any of these resources, and I can advise because I use them. I don't recommend anything I don't know or have absolute faith in.

In this blog post I am highlighting one of those resources. It's a biggy, and it's behind pretty much every digital action I take at

If you want to have access to more insights to help you save time in your business, please join one of our memberships, more info here.

Kajabi is the platform I use to:

  • Host and update the Creativity Found website
  • Collect email subscribers
  • Send emailouts
  • Schedule Zoom events
  • Add blog posts (like the one you are reading right now)
  • Host the Creativity Found Collective membership
  • Update the membership pack
  • Collect payments
  • Host a members-only Chat Group
  • Monitor analytics of site and page visitors
  • Set up automations for new subscribers, new members, etc., so I know they will be getting all the information they need
  • Organize my subscribers list with tags and other info so I can target the right people with relevant information
  • . . . and probably more that I can't recall right now!

Plus, it is super easy to use.

I had never built a website before I think it looks pretty great, and I am very proud of what I can do with it. 

I can make updates at any time, really easily, whether:

  • Adding photos
  • Updating text
  • Designing new dedicated pages for Create a Scene members
  • Adding new episodes to the Podcast page
  • Adding new blog posts
  • Showcasing Create a Scene members on the Home Page
  •  . . . and more

On the website alone I have

  • Home Page
  • About page
  • Contact page
  • A blog page and over 30 blog posts
  • Four directory pages with links to other internal and external website pages
  • Dedicated pages for each Create a Scene member featuring links to their websites and all of their social media accounts
  • Podcast page
  • Sign-up forms for email subscribers
  • A survey for podcast listeners to fill in
  • A visual list of logos from press and business partners, with inbuilt links where relevant
  • A membership sign-up page
  • Consistent headers and footers across all pages
  • Access links to members'-only content

18 months ago I would never have believed that I could do all of this myself, but with Kajabi I can.

Now don't get me wrong, it's not the cheapest, and it will take time to set up, but that time will be made up for in the future as the process for making updates and adding new offerings is so easy. Plus, if you make use of all the tools available on this platform you will likely save money on other subscriptions.

If you want to

  • Have a website that can be updated often
  • Start a membership
  • Host digital courses
  • Stay connected with followers/members
  • Run graded assessments
  • Host events
  • Easily automate your business practices
  • . . . or all of the above

Kajabi could well be your answer for ease and saving time. 

To have a little explore for yourself, click here. This is an affiliate link, but I never recommend anything I don't use myself.

If the information I have given here, and anywhere in the Creativity Found 'multiverse', has been valuable to you, please do use the links I give, so that I can earn a little commission to help me to keep doing what I do; helping others with their creative journeys.

Creativity Found Collective

The Creativity Found Collective is a membership for artists and crafters who share their creative skills with grown-ups through workshops, online courses, products or subscriptions. It is also a membership for business-support enterprises who use their expertise to help those artists and crafters to grow their businesses.

We promote their offerings on the website and connect them with a network of like-minded business owners. 

All of this is backed up by the Creativity Found podcast, in which I chat with grown-ups who have found or re-found their creativity later in life.

You can find out more about the Creativity Found Collective membership here.

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