A practical example of how to save money with the My VIP Rewards app

money saving rewards saving money Mar 28, 2022


I joined My VIP Rewards a few months ago, but I have NOT been using it well – or at all!! – until now.


On a trip to visit by daughter in Southampton I had arranged to also meet the founder of My VIP Rewards (and a Clubhouse friend of mine) Maddy Alexander-Grout. Before I left I was explaining the app to my husband, who was flabbergasted, berating me for not using it before.

We had just ordered a crate of prosseco from Laithwaites, which we could have saved almost £12 on. Whoops!

I had booked my hotel for the night through Hotels.com, and could have saved 10% if I’d used the offer on the app. Whoops again!

You can also make savings in supermarkets, at cinemas, on delivery services, and much more. But it’s not all big businesses. Maddy is very keen to get independent businesses listed on the app so that they can offer small discounts that get more customers through their doors.

One of those examples was the coffee shop we met in, Muse on Portswood Road, which my daughter was very pleased about because she loves their chai lattes. I showed the barista my virtual My VIP Rewards card on my phone, and we instantly saved 10% on our coffees and cake. Delish.

Although Maddy is Hampshire-based and has been out and about attracting businesses to the app in that locality, independent businesses can join from anywhere in the country, as long as they are willing to offer some kind of discount. Creativity Found is a member, and My VIP Rewards members have access to a special discount on a membership to Creativity Found.

To make the most of all the offers on the app, you need to join up. For an individual wanting to save money on the things they already buy, this will cost £3.99 a month, or £34.99 for a year, meaning £2.92 a month. I saved that just on the coffee and cakes at Muse. For some discounts you can just present your card at the point of payment. For others you need to buy e-gift-cards. This may sound like a faff, but let me give you an example.

Across the road from my hotel, on the edge of a lovely community green space, is The Cowherds, a Vintage Inns pub. While sitting in the sun at an outside table I ordered a £10 Vintage Inns gift card, which cost me £8.80. The gift card was emailed immediately to me. I ordered and gave the bar staff my gift card number, and enjoyed my drink.   

So, if you want to start saving money on just about everything, use this link to get to My VIP Rewards and click on the green Subscribe button on the top right of the page.

And, if you are planning on becoming a member at Creativity Found, so that we can help promote your creative classes or kits, and you can join us for free at our monthly online networking meetups, check out Creativity Found on the app and find details of our discounted membership. You could save more than the My VIP Rewards monthly fee JUST on Creativity Found membership.  

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