Yarny Bees

Learn to crochet or knit with kits and workshops, or join the Craft Hive to attend online or in-person craft events.

Why crafting?

Yarn crafts have been part of Becci Willis' life since her grandma taught her to knit at age eighteen. Now, knitting, crochet and other crafts transport Becci to a place away from the constant noise of her mind, and from the never-ending jobs list.

Becci began teaching crochet and knitting to share these experiences with others, and wants everyone to be able to switch off and be mindful through crafting.

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Kits and workshops

From hats and headbands to bunting and crop tops, Yarny Bees kits can be ordered in a range of yarn colour choices. 

Kits contain:

  • Pattern 
  • Yarn
  • Hook or knitting needles
  • Tapestry needle

You can also choose to buy the patterns on their own.

Learn from Becci at an in-person workshop and you'll receive all the equipment you need for the project, and a choice of yarn colours.

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Craft Hive

Becci has found crafting to be a great tool in managing mental health and wellbeing, but it's something many people have to schedule in, otherwise that special time risks being sacrificed to work, chores or everyday distractions. 

With Craft Hive you can give yourself that time, and turn up – online or in real life – and craft in the company of others, and switch off from the everyday.

See what a difference that time can make to you.

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Gift vouchers

Yarny Bees gift vouchers can be redeemed against kits, workshops, Craft Hive sessions, or to buy from Becci's range of knit and crochet homewares and accessories. 

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