Architectural self-design with Daniella Clark

A photo of an antique desk and writing desk, the table with a black bird with a bright red wing perched on the edge next to an ink pot

Let Daniella help you discover how to design your home

Touted as the Marie Kondo of design, Daniella employs a unique methodology to enable you to shape the place you inhabit to fit your true desires and identity.

Daniella designed and built her own home, which suits her very well. It is her perfect fit.

From the outset of her home-design journey there were many times she was told what she ‘should not’ and ‘could not’ do. So she devised a method, an outlook, an attitude of self-reflection to clarify her truth, her perfect home. She found that not only were her ideas completely unique but also entirely possible. As will yours be!

Since then she has been providing in-depth support sessions for those who are ready for an adventure in discovering how to design their own homes. 

Build the space you inhabit in the exact way that suits you

"Daniella has taken me on a journey of self-discovery. From my first faltering steps (tight self-conscious and afraid) to more relaxed fluidity. Her sessions gave me the confidence to tap into my creativity and achieve things I never thought I could"


-Stella, UK

"Daniella is encouraging and non-judgmental from the outset. At the end of every session I come away having had a lot of fun and I’m left with an adventurous heart. I can’t recommend her offering enough. It’s so much more than anything I expected."


-Molly, USA

Are you are ready for Daniella to enable you with your self-design?



Daniella Clark

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. . . for an initial online free 30-minute consultation to understand your needs. 


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