Ela Wassell

Ela is a trained and certified Women's Empowerment Coach dedicated to helping women achieve balance in their lives and reach their full potential.

Move through the world boldly

The Truly Boldly You 12-week programme with Ela will introduce you to the confident, compassionate power within yourself, which is often unrecognised and under-utilised.

Ela will work with you to bring out your natural feminine strengths, and help you to tap into them to accomplish the tasks you are facing and respond to challenging situations.

The weekly coaching sessions, delivered in a supportive, safe and confidential environment, will help you restore balance in your life and empower you to achieve fulfilment in your personal relationships, professional life, or in regards to specific goals.

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Time and Energy Management for Busy Women

Saturday 23rd March, 9am–4.30pm
Hilton Garden Inn, Abingdon

A time management workshop with a difference. Designed by women for women, the workshop recognises the cyclical nature of our energies, and focuses on the innate strengths we hold as females.

It is more than a practical strategy or toolbox, but a whole new mindset as to how you approach tasks and what you choose to fit into life. It’s about being fruitful rather than productive. Working less but achieving more.

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Join the Creativity Found Collective

Do you teach creative skills to adults?

If you share your creative expertise with other adults through your:

  • In-person workshops
  • Online courses
  • Ready-to-go kits
  • Arts and crafts supplies
  • . . . and more

Creativity Found would love to help your business thrive.

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Can you help creative businesses thrive?

If you have expertise that can help others grow and manage their creative-activity business, for example in:

  • Social media
  • SEO
  • Accounting 
  • Marketing
  • . . . and more

Creativity Found would love to help you help others. 

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