Karen Joy

 Acrylic and mixed-media impressionistic and abstract landscapes 

Impressionistic acrylic painting of a moor landscape with water
An impressionistic landscape featuring clouds and land with bushes


Piddington Village Hall, OX25 1PU
13th and 14th, 18th and 19th, 20th and 21st May


St Nicholas Church, Kingsey, HP17 8LY 
10th and 11th, 17th and 18th, 24th and 25th June
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Featuring blues, pinks and greens, an abstract depiction of a landscape
Karen started her artistic journey as a picture restorer in London before going on to study at Art College, where she focused mainly on print work. 

Art has always been a much-loved part of Karen's life, whether as a hobby or source of income, and she has developed different skills and styles throughout her art career.

Karen has developed her own style of landscape expressionism, having fallen in love with the freedom and adaptability of acrylic paint, and is currently enjoying experimenting with an abstract approach.
More about Karen's art
Acrylic abstract painting featuring heavy textures and blues, pinks and whites

'My work is always based on the landscape. It can be fairly representational or lean more towards abstraction.
I can never tell at the beginning of a painting how it will evolve, but allow myself to go to the canvas or board with a free mind knowing that whatever I paint, it is not only about the landscape, but more importantly my feelings towards it, using colour marks and layers to convey the enormous depth that there is both visually and emotionally within the landscape.
My work is not only about the view, but about the feelings I experienced while I painted.'

Acrylic abstract landscape painting featuring greens, blues, pinks and whites

Karen Joy on the podcast – painting landscapes with acrylics and experimenting with abstracts

When Karen Joy’s boys grew up, she had a ‘niggling feeling’, and joined a watercolour class. But that is a far cry from the acrylic paintings she is so passionate about now. Find out about her journey from printmaking, picture restoration, horses and family to acrylic landscape and abstract painting.

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