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Lynsey Warren

Handmade business owner and coach


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Handmade business coach

Helping crafters turn their hobby into a profitable business.

  • Do you dream of giving up your day job?
  • Do you want to turn your hobby into a business?
  • What's stopping you?

Lynsey Warren has run her own successful handmade business since 2017, and she knows all about the ups and downs of the creative business journey.

Lynsey wants your handmade business to succeed, and offers a range of services to help you every step of the way, including one-to-one coaching packages, power hours and online courses. 

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A Fairy Craft Kit box and a pre-made fairy that mimics the picture on the box sits in front of it

Fairy kits

Welcome to the wonderful world of fairy making! Making your own fairy doll is like creating a little bit of magic. 

You will start with some very simple supplies and will end up with a beautiful fairy doll, just watch the magic happen!

Raindrop Crafts Etsy store

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Lynsey's Instagram page The Handmade Craft Fair is a place to find hints and tips to help your handmade business, get free features and to find out about and take part in monthly virtual craft fairs. 

The Handmade Craft Fair

Lynsey Warren – a magical journey from council tax inspector to champion of handmade businesses

As a youngster Lynsey loved art class at school, and doing craft activities at home, but she decided not to complete her Art A-Level and settled into a routine of office working.
She continued to dabble with crafting, but it was on a visit to a friend's house that she stumbled upon what would become her new creative passion, a craft that would literally take her on a magical journey.

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