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Websites, mailing lists and photobooks

Liat Ken-Dror is a graphic designer who can help you to build – or finish! – a first website and mailing list, as well as to tame and treasure your photos. 

Affordable starting website

You need a website (or perhaps to finish one you have already started) to tell potential clients what they need to know and how to book or hire your services. But you don't need an all-singing-all-dancing website that costs £££££££ to create and maintain. 

Liat will help you to build a first online presence to be proud of with a five-page website (for example Home, About, Contact, Blog, Services).

Contact [email protected]


How it works:

  • Have a call with Liat to discuss your needs and outline how you'd like your five pages to work.
  • Send Liat the text and photos for the five pages.
  • Liat turns that content into a website you will be excited for people to see.

Liat can also help you to navigate the world of email marketing with guidance on starting and maintaining mailing lists. 

Contact [email protected]


Designed Memories: photobooks designed by a real person

Whether you want a family photobook to look back on, or a photobook recording a particular special occasion, Liat can personally design the perfect memory book for you.

And, if the thought of choosing which photos to include is too daunting, Liat can even do that for you too.

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Free guide to planning your photobook

Subscribe to the Designed Memories mailing list and download your free 7-step guide to planning a photobook.

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